We offer a host of in house mechanical tests to suite all of your needs. We have over 20 years’ experience in the metallurgical industry, but have in house capabilities to test whatever needs to be tested. We offer customization testing solutions to fit your needs, whether it is a specific specification per ASTM, NACE, ASME, or other industry standard, or if you want a completely custom setup.  Some examples of the type of mechanical testing we perform include.


•Tensile and Compression Testing [up to 400,000 lbf]

•Charpy Impact (ASTM E23)

•Hardness [Rockwell and Brinell]

•Bend Test


•Weld Testing

•Flattening Testing

•Proof Load

•Strain Gaging

•Engineered Load Testing

•Micro hardness needs capitalize



We are always open to suggestions, and are willing to add new testing options as demand increases.


We offer a wide range of fastener testing in compliance with the Fastener Quality Act passed in 1999.


 These tests specifically involve:

 •Axial Tensile


•Wedge Tensile

•Rotational Capacity

•Proof Load

•Shear Testing


At MTI, we can cover just about any metallurgical analysis necessary for your needs. As a general guideline to laboratory specimen preparation we typically polish our samples down .3-µm as the final polish for maximum visibility of micro structure. Our etching processes typically follow ASTM E407, but we can prepare samples in whatever manner is appropriate for analysis.


•Failure / Fracture Analysis

•Carb / Decarburization

•Corrosion Testing

•Grain Size (ASTM E112)

•Case Depth

•Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

•Defect Characterization

•Heat Treat Identification

•Ductile Iron Grading Graphite Type and Size

•General and Custom Microstructural Evaluation

•Carbon and Sulfur Determination via IR Spectroscopy

•Chemical Analysis



We offer a variety non-destructive testing in house, but also perform field service! Give us a location and test, and we will come out and perform your desired tests.


•Optical Emission Spectroscopy

•Ultrasonic Testing

•Magnetic Particle

•Dye Liquid Penetrant

•X-Ray Examination


In addition to your metallurgical needs, we offer a wide range of precision machining services. With a fully capable shop, we have the ability to create just about anything to fit your needs. From precise pharmaceutical dyes to custom tools, inserts, and gears, we are competent to create anything you have in mind.


Materials Technology has an extensive knowledge of machining and material application. We can machine from your specifications to the exact tolerance you require. Our facility is well equipped with state of the art machine tools to provide you with reliable quality and delivery every time. Our technical staff is at your disposal for any questions you may have about your machining, designs, or application of your part.